Orthodontic Care

You may have been told that you need braces or you may be dissatisfied with you the appearance of your teeth. Many adults, like you, undergo orthodontic care in order to achieve a straighter smile. Antlers Family Dentist can help you gain that beautiful smile you have always wanted. Ready to get started today? Call us at (580) 298-5581.

Braces and Retainers

You may have been told that you need braces. Whether you are an adult, teen or child, we can help you gain that Beautiful smile you have always wanted. When treatment begins it depends on the dental problem and how mature the jaws and teeth are. Overbites (Class II) and underbites (Class III) are often treated while the jaws are still growing and are likely to be between the ages of 6 and 9. Sometimes we will wait until all the adult teeth are in before correcting a normal bite with crooked teeth (Class I), and this may be around age 11. Since the best age for treatment varies so much with each case, we encourage you to see us by the time that you’re 7 years old. Adults can make appointments in our office any time they are ready to straighten and create their new smile.


Most people are familiar with braces and with their various components, which include: brackets; a main arch wire; O-rings connecting the brackets to the arch wire; and, hooks, which are anchor points for elastic bands. All of these components work together to slowly position your child’s teeth and jaw into perfect alignment.


Expanders are a special category of appliance designed to increase space in your child’s mouth, slowly and painlessly, over a period of time. Palatal expanders, which widen the arch in the roof of your child’s mouth, are most common. Other expanders include the quad helix and the bi helix.


Before, during, and especially after orthodontic treatment, retainers maintain the positioning of the teeth while the supportive structures adapt. The teeth must be held in place. Without retainers, the teeth will return to their previous position, virtually erasing months or years of orthodontic treatment. It is extremely important to wear retainers as directed!

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used before, during, and after orthodontic treatment to retain the position of the teeth, to ensure spacing for teeth to move, or for future teeth to erupt. These devices are often fixed (cemented in) and will only be removed by your dentist. They are also designed to interfere as little as possible with your child’s eating and speaking.

Habit Reminders

They are also called orthotic correctors. Stopping a thumb habit can change the shape of the mouth, the smile, prevent future orthodontic and speech problems. Break by age 3-4. This is the best time to place a corrective appliance.

Payment Plan

Our office offers a unique payment plan to ensure that your child is able to receive the orthodontic treatment that they need and deserve. Braces can be broken down into three easy steps: The orthodontic consultation comes first and involves an in-depth consultation with our dentist regarding the patient’s orthodontic needs and a panoramic x-ray to get the full view of the patient’s jaw structure and mouth. The price is $250 due at the time of the appointment. The next appointment is an orthodontic work up, which is $304. At this appointment we do impressions, models, a cephalometric radiograph, and photos for your patient chart. After that a $1,000 down payment is made, and we break up the remaining balance into small affordable monthly payments. Once the down payment is made, we are able to schedule the braces to be put on and then you are on the road to a beautiful smile!

SureSmile Trays

SureSmile Aligners is an alignment tray orthodontic system that combines the power of 3D visualization with our expertise to create the best results for your smile in the shortest amount of time.


I have been going to Antlers family dentistry for over a year and have recently started receiving orthodontic work! My children have also started going there and they are amazing with them! Highly recommended for a family dentist! They also have an amazing play room for the kids!


Brush Brush Brush!

When you brush your teeth, it's just like washing your body. You wouldn't only wash the top half of you in the shower, right?

Remember that each part of your tooth should be flossed first
and then brushed on all surfaces, including near the gums to ensure proper blood flow and oxygen to your gum line. After brushing, rinse with mouthwash to get out any lingering bacteria and wallah, your teeth, mouth and smile will THANK YOU for taking such great care of them!