Dental Technology

When it comes to giving your family fast, personal service, comfortable treatment, and flawless results, you deserve only the best. That is why Antlers Family Dentist invests in the most up-to-date technology available. Experience our digital radiography (Xrays), intraoral camera, and more – all designed to make your time with us more relaxing and informative.

LightScalpel Laser

With the goal of ensuring patients experience minimal discomfort and quick healing time, Antlers Family Dentist utilizes the LightScalpel Laser for many intraoral procedures. The LightScalpel Laser has been used in the dental industry for decades with incredible success. Benefits to patients include minimized bleeding, reduced swelling and soreness, and a faster recovery period. Laser surgery is very safe and an excellent alternative to traditional surgery. We are happy to answer any questions about the LightScalpel Laser that you may have.

Digital Radiographs (X-RAYS)

Radiographs are a safe and necessary part of modern dentistry. These detailed images give your dentist insight into the interior of your teeth and the supportive structures of your mouth. With your comfort and health in mind, Antlers Family Dentist utilizes digital radiographs. Unlike film-based X-rays, which take time to develop, digital radiographs provide an instant image that can be archived in our computer system and recalled in just a moment. Plus, they require less radiation than traditional radiographs, which is another benefit to you and your family.

Intraoral Camera

Imagine seeing your own teeth and gums on a chairside monitor while your dentist describes all your treatment options. It is possible with our intraoral camera. This technology gives you more information about your smile than ever before, allowing you to make the best decision for your dental treatment.

Digital Photography

By now, virtually every picture you take of your family and friends is digital. You can enjoy the photo instantly and can save it in any computer system for future reference. Antlers Family Dentist utilizes the same technology for the same reason. Digital photos provide a reference for our team in choosing the most natural-looking cosmetic and restorative treatments to complement your face.

CAESY™ Education

The CAESY™ Education System uses high-quality 3D graphics, videos, and images to show you detailed steps of the procedures recommended for you and why they are necessary. You will gain complete knowledge and understanding of your treatment. Relax and feel confident knowing you are making the most informed decisions for your teeth and gums.

Comfort Dentistry

For more information on Comfort Dentistry, including Nitrous Oxide, Conscious Sedation and Hospital Dentistry

Comfort Dentistry

If you or your child needs a little help relaxing before receiving dental treatment, Antlers Family Dentistry offers a a few safe and easy solutions.


These folks are some of the most caring and compassionate people on earth. Dr. Twana and her staff are community minded individuals, and they are truly trying to better our community and the world around them!


Brush Brush Brush!

When you brush your teeth, it's just like washing your body. You wouldn't only wash the top half of you in the shower, right?

Remember that each part of your tooth should be flossed first
and then brushed on all surfaces, including near the gums to ensure proper blood flow and oxygen to your gum line. After brushing, rinse with mouthwash to get out any lingering bacteria and wallah, your teeth, mouth and smile will THANK YOU for taking such great care of them!